We all need a bit of help on our journey to wellness.  Ultimately we have to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing, but there are podcasts, youtube channels, websites, books and tools that can help us along the way.  Training with others can also help which explains the popularity of classes and alternative approaches like martial arts.  On this page I will list resources to help you on your way. The images link to the relevant pages on Amazon UK or direct to the supplier – I am not an associate for any of these books, sites or products and receive no benefit from these links, they are simply strong recommendations for your own research and information.



The Microbiome Solution

This book by Dr Robynne Chutkan explains how our bodies are a composite of our cells and the trillions of bacteria and fungi that share our body with us. We need to look after our entire microbiome to most help our bodies. She looks at the role of pre and probiotics, the importance of creating the right environment in our gut for the healthiest bacteria to flourish and also explains how the wrong type of bacteria can send confusing messages to our brain ending up with us craving and eating the wrong types of food.



Clean Protein

Clean Protein by Kathy Freston and Bruce Friedrich tackles our obsession with protein head on.  You can guarantee that if you are getting into health and fitness or are an existing athlete, protein is the key macro-nutrient that everyone is interested in; where are you getting yours, are you getting enough. In contrast the World Heath Organisation recommends a much lower consumption of protein than most of use are aware of, 10% of total daily calories – the authors of this book seek to counter our current obsession with protein and ask us instead what are we consuming along with that protein and are we getting enough fibre, the key under-consumed food type in the developed world.



Rich Roll

Rich Roll is an incredible advocate for health and wellness.  A recovered alcoholic and ultra-athlete, Rich has built an incredible following and creates one of the world’s best podcasts.  His podcast covers many areas in the wellness spectrum and he typically spends 2 hours interviewing each guest with one or two new podcasts per week.  Highly recommended.


Beauty & skin care

Evolve Beauty

Evolve make a range of facial cleansers, toners, moisturisers, body lotion using a plant-based approach.  Maximising the use of natural and organic produce, many of their products are vegan as well. The packaging is beautiful and minimalist. Best of all, they are based locally in London Colney!