May Grading information

Please find information for the next grading on this page. Click on the links for grading form or information sheet.  Our grading is on Saturday 12th May. wjo_GradingEntryForm ST ALBANS MAY 2018 GRADING INFORMATION    

Trying a Triathlon

For year’s I’ve been drawn to the sport of triathlon – I’ve always secretly admired those multi-skilled athletes that manage for the three elements of it and still combine it with a day job. Well as a PT I have

How to try seated meditation

For years I have thought about meditation and how appealing it sounds.  Silent time, peaceful contemplation, zen, focus on breath, grounding; these are some of the words and phrases that have percolated through my mind whilst thinking about what meditation

5 reasons why studying a martial art is the key to life changing fitness

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There are two strong health themes running in the media at the moment. One is the need to live a healthier life to cope with the raft of illnesses dogging current and future generations and the other is Alzheimer’s disease